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The JOY of music !

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Meet Joy , another Embry family success story and latest addition to our family. Joy has added her Great Dame stature and manner to our little herd and she lives up to her name as she is a joy to be around . She even listens to music with me, on the few warm days we have I open up the shop and turn on my stereo. At first she was merely curious I think, so I went outside and saw her just standing there, I went and sat down about 3 feet from her and we just listened to the music together for about 20 minutes. She would occasionally look at me as if to say "really?", but she stayed the entire 20 minutes before going to get a drink and nibble of hay.

She lets Bailey do the trick or treat routine of knocking on the door, as that is beneath her station, but she is always ready and close at hand to get her treat and wont pass up the opportunity for a good butt scratching. She has melded and fit right in to the family just like she always belonged here. In my short experience with horses I have found that they pick you more so than you pick them.

They accept you tentatively at first then as they get to know you and trust more the bond grows, it takes time and experience to evaluate the potential for this relationship and Sarah Embry has the "KNACK" to match the person and the horse , if you are considering getting a rescue and are a first time horse owner, you would do well to listen to her advice and let her guidance weigh heavily in your choices. She knows horses and she knows people, and understands how to fit one that complements the other. I am convinced that we would not have the AMAZING family we have now without her guidance and help. She knew Joy would be a good fit for us and she was right She is perfect for us.

p.s The music was "dead can dance-Children of the sun"(yes, really !)

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