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Diamond E Broodmares

Our broodmares are more than just producers of quality Paso Fino and Tennessee Walking Horse foals.  Each of these lovely mares is a versatile member of the Diamond E family of horses.  These mares have proven themselves in one or all of these disciplines.

Competition / Shows

Trail Riding

Ranch Work

Riding Lessons


We KNOW these mares. We can guarantee their intelligence, their soundness, their trainability and excellent dispositions. They are sound of mind and body. They also have excellent natural gaits and are a pleasure to ride. We have a selection of foundation bred mares and some with more modern bloodlines. We aim to breed foals

 that are as versatile as their dams.

We have chosen our farm stallions to compliment these mares. We have been very pleased with our 2021 and 2022 foals.

Our dream is to produce versatile offspring that will excel on the trail, in competitions or for pleasure riding and will be lifelong, loyal partners to their humans.


Journey del Stallings

2009 Paso Fino

Sire: Pintado del Greco

Dam: Berinetta de Banbros

Journey stands 14.2 hands and is a beautiful deep blood bay. She has a very smooth Paso Corto and Paso Largo. She also has a lovely canter.  

She is Christian's personal horse, his first Paso Fino. She excels at ranch work, trails and enjoys showing with ribbons and trophies to display. She is very cowy and fearless moving stock, facing down bulls or anything you ask of her.

Her first foal was born in February 2022. A lovely, tall bay filly nicknamed  Luciernaga del Diamante E"



Her 2023 filly Adulara del Diamante E" is available now..


La Leyenda del Zorro Rojo

2004 Paso Fino

Sire: Chaquiro

Dam: Noviacita del Ocho

Leyenda stands 14.2 hands and is a beautiful deep mahogany bay. She has a very smooth Paso Corto and Paso Largo. 

Leyenda has had an extensive show career. She has won several Performance Championships and has a total of 227 points. She has been a pleasure riding horse and a broodmare here at the Diamond E. She is currently expecting a 2024 foal by Galan de Besilu. Her 2022 filly by "Galan de Besilu", "Diamante E Pequena Zorra" is available. 


Puesta del Sol de G.G.

2009 Paso Fino

Sire: Monarcas Eclipse Pisadas

Dam: Fantasia de Golden Gate

Sunny stands 14.2 hands and is a beautiful palomino. She has a very smooth Paso Corto and Paso Largo. 

Sunny has been a trail / pleasure horse here at the Diamond E and is currently a broodmare. In foal to Galan de Besilu for a 2024 foal.


Dama Sofisticado WR

2005 Paso Fino

Sire: Conquistador de Besilu

Dam: Carmenista de Esteban

Sofi stands 14.1 hands and is a lovely blood bay.  She has a smooth Paso Corto, Paso Largo and canter.

She has been a trail / pleasure horse here at the Diamond E and is currently a broodmare. In foal to Galan de Besilu for a 2022 foal. Her foal will be offered for sale.



2008 Paso Fino

Pebbles stands 13.3 hands and has a lovely grey coat. She has a smooth Paso Corto gait,

Pebbles has been a lesson mare and pleasure horse here on the Diamond E. However because of an older shoulder injury that flares up, she has been retired as a full-time broodmare. 

Her first foal here at our farm is Sorpresa del Diamante E, aka Rain. An elegant and smooth gaited black filly that is going grey. Born with a smooth natural gait and all the fire and flash you would expect from a spirited Paso Fino filly.

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