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Consignment Sales

We offer consignment services for horse and ponies. We are happy to help you find a home for your horse. Our consignment service includes making a sale video, taking pictures, listing ads and showing your horse to prospective buyers.  Horses brought to us for sale must be up to date on coggins, vaccinations, dental, worming and hoof care. If horse does not have registration papers, we do require a statement of age verification from a veterinarian. 


We prefer they are in sale ready shape regarding grooming ( i.e. tangles removed from manes and tails).  We can provide clipping and extensive grooming services if needed for an extra charge.


We will evaluate your horse in the first week and work with the owner to set the listing price. Horses are ridden at least once a week while here on the farm. If the horse needs any special training or daily riding to be prepared for sale, a training / riding fee of $85 a week will apply. 


  • 15% of sale price, minimum $250

  • $38 per week pasture board costs (covers hay / pasture / farm feed) 2 weeks paid at drop off.

  • Equine documentation for coggins, vaccines, age verification.

  • $250 no sale fee if horse is not sold

  • We are not responsible for accidents or injury to horse. 

Contact us for more information on the best way to find a new home for your equine.



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