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The story of Embry Family Horses and Tack began many years ago, born from of a deep appreciation of equines given to us by our grandparents. Both Derrick and I were raised with horses. When our children came along we wanted to continue training, showing and sharing our lives with our equine friends.  


Saving horses from auction, retraining and giving them a better life; quickly became a passion for our whole family. It was obvious to us there were far too many horses in need.  How many could we retrain and rehome? How many horses' lives could we change for better, and how much would those horses change our lives? In 2015, the WBKO News Station out of Bowling Green, Ky awarded our family the Hometown Heros and aired a wonderful segment that jumpstarted our rehabilitation efforts in big way.  


We have found that horses give back as much or more than we give them.  There has been joy for the horses successfully placed and sorrow for the ones lost. Our boys have learned many life lessons. Christian and DJ share our passion and are committed to learning and being the best trainers they can be. This is a family effort, the rescue and rehab, the riding lessons, the consignment horses and the training. Even when hay prices sky rocket and the mud is knee deep, we would not want this any other way.


Last year Shea Hirtman joined our farm as head trainer and mentor to the boys. Her wide range of experience has opened new doors and pointed us in new directions. She is helping to shape our boys into excellent trainers. We have added training services for the public, riding lessons and hopefully future horse boarding options.

We are all excited to see what the future holds for Embry Family Horses and Tack.


Giving Back
Embry Family

From left to right,

Derrick Embry, DJ Embry, Sarah Embry, Christian Embry and Grandma Glenda


WBKO Hometown Hero
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