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She robbed me in broad daylight =-)

The first time I met Bailey was 9 days after my double mastectomy.

Rob took the first test drive and I could see how sweet she was! Nothing would do, until I got to have a turn too. Even though I still had 2 surgical drains attached to my waistband, I was determined to ride her. Yes, you may be thinking I’m crazy and that’s ok, I’m really NOT reckless.

Honestly, I highly value my life

BUT I can’t keep fighting this hard for it, if I’m not going to fully live it.

My form of cancer is rare, 5% or less of diagnosed breast cancers are this kind:

Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

That means Oncologist have had fewer opportunities to study it and formulate treatment plans.


When Rob was ready to climb down, I deliberately scooted the mounting block into a position that would place the horse between us and Sarah & Derrick.

He dismounted and said she was a really nice ride. I looked him in the eye and quietly said

“I’m going to ride her”.

Before they knew what I was up to, Rob had nearly boosted me into the saddle. Too late to object, it was happening 🤗

It’s all Bailey’s fault.

She drew me in with kind eyes,

smooth trips around the arena

and a forelock that looked like a kindergarten kid had styled it. lol

She had my heart 🧡🐴🧡

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