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  • Rob Riley

Go BIG or go home !

So, I am a new owner/partner to horses and true to my nature , I went BIG! This is Mack, an Embry Farm rescue that I was so very fortunate to get. I have always had an admiration for draft breeds and Mack does not disappoint in the least. He is SMART beyond anything I ever thought a horse capable of and you can see the stoic care and concern in his eyes when close to him. Like all us boys he does enjoy a good roll in the mud as you can well see and there is no shortage of it this year. He is a Clydesdale and was very undernourished when Diamond E / Embry Farms rescued him , they immediately began correcting that and with their guidance we have continued. He has put on at least 400 ponds since he was first rescued and his hooves and coat are much improved , in time we will get him back to the full potential of what he is inside. He really turns on the charm in a show ring and is gentle and loving of people in general. He is a Parade Prince and loves the attention and I look forward to riding him in more parades

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1 Comment

Sarah Embry
Sarah Embry
Feb 26, 2022

Love the big fuzzy boy, such a gentle tank of a horse. And so wise and forgiving of us humans.

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