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Anchors have 4 legs

I had been missing horses for about 40 years but there was always some lame reason to not get another one. And then my world changed dramatically…

with a cancer diagnosis.

My Oncologist told me at the very first visit in April 2021

“We are behind & we must go fast”. Her words registered like the crack of the starter’s pistol at the beginning of a race.

Life for me was suddenly overly full of learning and processing medical information. And completely devoid of a time for me to let the fear flow through me and shatter me without my family seeing it.

I needed a healthy escape from my new reality and I found it among the horses & people of Diamond E.

I took riding lesson, went on trail rides, watched foals play, sat in the shade of the Patience Tree, handed treats out and let the soft noses push my pieces back together.

Horses are essential to me.

I feel their calm & I am grounded.


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