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Just Can't Hide the Handsome

Yeah, it's just not fair that Galan looks that studly and gorgeous with hay in his mouth and in his hair...... some horses just got IT. He knows he is the "Big Cheese", the farm "Hunk" and

Galan surveying his kingdom.

"Protector of All!"

He had a nice relaxing afternoon hanging with his best girl Sunny and watching us work really hard training.

He likes his little paddock, center stage where he can see EVRYTHING going on at the Diamond E. He can see the arena and the round pen and the stall fronts. He regularly tosses out comments to remind us he is wonderful... to remind the new training horses to behave.

We have found the secret to keeping him content is to leave one of his favorite

Galan and his fave Paso Fino mare Sunny

mares with him in his paddock. This may not be the industry norm... but the Diamond E has always done things a little different. We try to keep our horses happy.

We do not keep him sequestered and so far, it is working out great. He is part of the family and farm and in the center of everything.

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1 Comment

Mar 03, 2022

I love that!!

We need more horseman and women like that.

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