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Barn Building.... A Labor of Love

Derrick and the boys are back at it again..... Building more stalls to accommodate the foaling mares and training horses coming in. He is closing in the shed on the rear of the barn to make two more convertible 10 x 20 ft foaling stalls that can convert to four 10x10 stalls and an extra bay to store sawdust and a walk through to the rear. Anyone who has a working horse farm knows you never have enough stalls and storage.

He plans on installing horizontal shutters for the upper half of the stall walls on the outside of the building. We can leave these pinned up for air flow when it is nice weather.

Misty has a front row seat for the construction hanging out in her foaling stall. Nasty weather again today so she is inside just in case she decides to have her foal in the middle of the day. Journey is hanging out next door with baby firefly and our newest Paso Fino , Sofi is hanging out in the last stall. She is a bit of a princess and does not like the wet and cold. All three ladies are a bit grumpy with all the sawing and nailing. Lots of ear pinning! But hopefully by the weekend the stalls will be finished. I know they want their quiet, cozy barn back.

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