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Find a penny, pick it up!

Find a penny, pick it up!

This is Sedona, an elderly TWH mare that we adopted. She is a twenty-something proper and petite creature with a coat that shimmers in a rich shade of slightly worn penny.

Sedona was my Bailey’s best friend & pasture mate at their home before consignment to Diamond E. She is burdened with a condition called Stringhalt and needed a soft place to land. In time and with effort we might find a therapy that will help her improve. At the very least, she needed a safety net under her.

BUT should it be us…

I tend to be very practical and our limited acreage needed to be weighed into the decision.

So I made some calls and found a neighbor that was willing to give us access to additional pasture.

I guess in some deeper part of my mind, I felt she and I were the same, having conditions that will impact all our remaining days.

In the months that she has been with us, I’ve never regretted bringing her home.

I see her contentment as she grazes and it gives me peace.

Her grace reminds me that an imperfect body can still choose to lead a happy life.


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