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Lovely Frankie Starts Training

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Frankie, the young quarter horse mare has started her training with Christian. She finished her quarantine last week and it is time for her to learn to how to be a saddle horse.

She started her training yesterday under the patience tree, learning to stand quietly. It took a while, with quite a bit of testing and a tantrum or two, but now she stands quietly.

Training Tip: When teaching a horse to stand quietly, use a piece of rubber inner tube or a bungie section between horse and tie point. It acts like a safety against her pulling back and hurting herself. It will also help teach her to give to pressure and give an instant release when she steps forward. We also use the patience tree and drop tie ropes from branches. The ropes coming down from overhead keep young horses from becoming tangled and there is no post to beat against.

Today he put her in the round pen the first time. It has been so muddy but had dried just enough today she could trot. She did fine, learning to stop and reverse. In no time at all he will have her going under saddle. She is a sweet and intelligent girl with just enough sass to be fun.

They did not quite achieve a solid join up today. She has not been overhandled as a baby, so join up will happen soon and they can make more progress.

Christian just wanted to feel her out today, get to know her better and see how she reacted to a little pressure and release.

At the end of the session, she allowed him to approach and place a hand on her without moving away. Small positive steps each day, not pushing to much or asking more than she can give.

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