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Training Day ... Busy Busy Gen

Training Update : Gen

Christian has a full training barn right now. He is busy busy! He got two new horses in on Tuesday. They are coming along nicely. This is Gen, an 8 year old Tennessee Walking Horse. He is here to unlearn a bad habit of racing / bolting when turned towards home.

Christian starts out the day with the round pen, asking Gen to join up to make sure he had his attention and is centered. Kind of like turning on a switch for learning.

Gen joined up quickly then moved back under the patience tree for some desensitization that involved Christian swinging around the tree like a monkey.

Then it was saddling and time to deal with his biggest issue, rushing home and being rather frantic about it.

Christian's method to deal with this.... ride him out for a distance, turn him towards home if he tries to buck or rear or bolt Christians use the one rein method to keep him under control then turns him back away and makes him ride out farther.

Then asks again to ride home calmly. Repeat as needed. Gen pulls out all his tricks.. so its gets bouncy a few times, but nothing Christian cannot handle. After about 15 minutes Gen figured out it was easier to travel home calmly. Objective accomplished for today.

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