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Legacy Plain Raised Work Bridle

Pony Legacy Plain Raised Work Bridle Chestnut

Legacy Work Tack for those who want to save their expensive tack but still have the look and feel of quality.
Looking for an economical but nice looking bridle to get started or for training the younger ones. Legacy Plain Raised Bridle is made of quality supple leather and a great look with fine white stitching to show off that pretty head. Same great style as the premium leather one, but without the price. Brow band and nose band have white stitching. Cheek pieces have rein hooks. Comes with matching laced reins. This is Legacy's economical work bridle but still feels soft and supple. Would be great in the show ring for those just getting started.

Sizes: Pony, 

PONY Legacy Plain Raised Work Bridle Chestnut

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