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Showman braided nylon barrel reins with easy grip knots. These reins measure 7 ft and are 1" wide and feature a round braided hand grip with knots. Brass plated hardware at bit ends can adjust to different lengths, the braides allow for easy adjustment and custom fit. 

Available in: Black/Pink, Lime Green/Orange, Black/White, Black/Hunter Green, Lime Green/White, Black/Yellow, Lime Green/Pink, Black/Lime Green, Lime Green/White/Pink, Black/Purple, White/Pink, Black/Red, Black/Blue, Pink, Lime Green, Red/White/Blue, Teal/Black, Teal, Black.


Made by  Showman products. 

Showman Braided Nylon Barrel Reins w/Easy Grip Knots

SKU: 27109-2
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