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Introduction to Calin, the farmhand.

“Hey guys!“ Yep, it’s me, Calin. The girl that starts every conversation and/or live feed with “Hey guys!” I figure it’s time to unofficially meet the voice behind the camera. My name is Calin and I’m the new Embry Family Farmhand. I came to the farm in September 2021 by a sweet little post it note seeking help that was advertised in a local Mexican restaurant. I had been wanting to get out of the house and contribute to my family a little more since my kids are all school aged children. I have 3 children. 2 boys aged 10 and 8, and a very spoiled 6 year old little girl. Those that follow Sarah, may know of my little girl getting her first horse for her birthday - a sweet Paso Fino/Tennessee Walker Horse mare that is 12 years old. We decided to name her Scarlet. Just don’t tell my daughter that the horse is mommy’s horse unless you’re prepared for some sass. I have also been married for 12 years this coming November 2022. Our story sure is a wild one, one that I will spare full details on that. He is a retired ARMY veteran of 16 years with multiple deployments and...wife bragging moment...a Bronze Star recipient. I’m very proud of him and our family that we’ve created. As far as horses go, have I been around them? Well, I thought I had, haha. I rode Western for 2 years on an American Quarter Horse then switched to English and English Show on a Thoroughbred for 2 years as well. But does that count when you do it from age 10-14? Because I get on a horse now, at the ripe age of...well, a lady never tells her secrets...and let’s just say “I am SO not prepared for this!” I will always respect Christian and DJ for how they get these horses trained. :)

Above: Our new addition, Scarlet, a Paso/Walker cross. Best birthday present, EVER!

Above: Me in October 2021 riding on a customer’s horse, Gypsy (mare) owned by Rob and Cecilia.

Above: Just me. :D It’s been a very blessed, joyous, and definitely adventurous 5 months on the farm. One that I sure wouldn’t trade for anything. I’ve learned so much in the short 5 months, yet still continue to learn! I’ll spare details on the injuries I accumulate, but there’s definitely a running joke on the!

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